Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Busy busy

So I have been busy busy the last week. One appointment after another, with little time to catch breath between.

It's probably just as well there has been no action at the house for a few days as I'd have had no chance to photograph it.

Can't visit the site tomorrow - but will give Andrew a call to see where things are up to.

Hope to have more to report, soon :)

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Little Girls with Curls

So today our daughter got her 'big girl' bed. She's in her cot, tonight, but I'm going to time the move to the new house with her move to a big girl bed. And WHAT a big girl bed <3

After looking around I found a couple of local bargains:

Bought them both - and now have to decide which she will have. Initially I thought the bottom one would be hers - but seeing them I now prefer the top one. They are both lovely, powder coated, and in great condition.

And this is her linen. I love red and teal (and Korkeshi) so this was a given when I saw it.

Of course, I still need to think dressing table, rug, wall decor etc. But at least the bed is now semi-sorted!!Just need to get her a mattress.

Thursday, 23 February 2012


So it's amazing how skirtings can make all the difference to a house! I spun past today and the chippies were just wrapping up after installing them - but it was great as I could quickly get inside!!

They look great :) In one fell swoop the house looks that much more finished. I hope that tomorrow my interior shelving will be going in (robes, linen cupboards etc.).

Spoke to the painter a day or two back, and they are queued to start in a week or so. Also spoke to our sparkie and let him know I need to see him to check a few issues. They were good, too.

So it really IS all happening!

Because we have two dogs (pugs) I need to sort out fencing before we move in. And I figure that is something which can be quoted, at least, before handover.

I want a gate on the left hand side (tall) and matching tall vehicle gates on the right, too. Timber. Painted the same colours as the house trim. I want something simple but elegant.

I have a couple of ideas - basically like these but 'tall'.

For the left hand side. This but the bottom section 'tall'.

And at the same height on the right - inward opening
matching vehicle gates.

Will leave my options open - but I might as well get quotes now as it would be better to have it lined up and booked in ASAP after handover. Am sure I will be stunned by the costs :o

Friday, 17 February 2012


So today saw a mammoth trip to Bunnings. In fact 3 Bunnings, in the end, to get enough plants! Not for the new house - for the current house. The back garden is pretty sparse, here, so we needed to buy some plants to stick in before we rent it out. Ended up going with hebes as they grow fast, need zero care, and look pretty good.

However it did get me thinking about the garden at the new house.

I can't really describe what I want for the front garden - but I will know it when I see it. I know that I want a mixed garden - so a variety of plants - not just a line of all the same thing. Although I will probably group like with like or use layering.

I am not a native fan (sorry, Donna - just not my thing) and I like the look of a cottage garden, but not the 'mess'. So I am thinking of gardenias, azaleas, rhododendrons and that sort of thing with a few specimen plants built in. At Bunnings today there were some just gorgeous plants - and I am going through books getting ideas, too.





The sides have me well and truly stumped. Will definitely need some landscaping help, there. As for the back? Well I have some vague ideas there, too, but will again need some help with the art of the possible. So for the time being I am just thinking about the front.

As part of this I also need to think about gates and pathing. I am thinking of having a path down the left (narrow) side to a tall gate. The service area is down that side, so it makes sense to have access. On the other side I am thinking tall double gates to allow digger / car / trailer access. So as I am thinking front landscaping, I need to mentally plan access to these gates, too.

Also have to start investigating lawns. I want something really lush looking at the front - but since it gets dappled light this might prove difficult. Might need to go wandering around established neighbourhoods sussing out their gardens :P

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Site Meeting

So now the architraves are up, Margie stopped by to do a proper measure up. Jury is still out on exactly what I am doing curtain wise - but with her having the correct measurements, when I do decide it should be easy enough to do an order.

So to arrange access, and go through my questions, I arranged to meet Andrew our site supervisor there beforehand.

We had a really productive meeting - and it was great to see what's been/being done.  The downpipes are on and, as expected, the one on the front porch looks chunderous. Thankfully that's not permanent (just needs to be there to pass building inspection) and today we discussed the positioning of the pit for my rain chain. I am so pleased with that solution to the issue.

The bricks have also been washed down, so everything is looking cleaner, now. My deck is finished, as is the gable, so other than a few bits of timber beading, painting, porch and the driveway, outside is done.

Inside there's been a lot of progress, too. My floors are finished! And they look spectacular :D The colour, variations, grain etc. are just gorgeous. It's like having art on my floor! The wall we moved has now been plastered and re-corniced, and without a doubt it was worth it. Worth every single cent. The house now flows. The hallway isn't dark. It doesn't feel like the natural order is broken. I can't explain it more than to say that before it didn't work and now it does.

In the meeting, we mostly just chatted about my thoughts on fixings and finishings - and I was happy to hear that Andrew has pretty similar views on things to myself.

So without further ado, here are the latest pics. Not that different to the set before - but I am sure you'll humour me ;)

Front - with fugly downpipe.

Hallway post wall move. The line on the ceiling
gives an idea of where the wall was.

Looking into our spare room.

Walking along the hallway looking
through the windows across to the
french doors into the living area.

Standing in the corner of our bedroom
facing towards the ensuite.

From the other corner looking towards
the entry doors and the WIR.

The entire wall.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

No longer bored!

So as promised I popped around the house today and took some pics. Not much has changed inside other than the floors are going in (and there's a lot more junk food wrappers). The more of the floor that goes down the happier I am with it. I love the variation in colour and the depth it gives to the rooms.

Had a quick chat with the installers, and they hope to be finished by Friday. Fingers crossed :D

Front of the house with gable complete.
It is going to be painted dune and half
dune (colour of the fascia)

Plumbing has been moved, so the kids
bathroom cabinets are now in.

Love that they each have their own draws and
cupboard. AND a dirty clothes hamper
built in :D

The outdoor deck is finished and looking good!

My beautiful boards.

In the kitchen.

Another kitchen shot.

Another kitchen shot.

Looking down the hall.

So pleased with how it is looking. Just as well I am happy - the next installment bill arrived today...

Bored and Boards

So it seems like nothing is happening - although in reality there's action most days.

My deck is now finished (and looks mighty fine!) and when I dropped by today I was delighted to see my hallway and kitchen have been floorboarded!

The flooring people were there late last week doing the underfloor, and yesterday they boarded half the hallway. Today they finished that and worked across to do the kitchen. Think perhaps they might do the kids rooms and the little hallway tomorrow? Not sure - but as I have the day to myself I will drop by with a camera.

Am really delighted with the colour of the boards. Not too red, not too brown, not too blonde, not too gold. I can't describe it other than to say there is quite a lot of variety in the shades. Some a honey colour, others more brown, some more grey and some pinkish. Sounds chunderous but it looks good, I promise!

I'm particularly pleased it's not a flat, uniform colour. I was hoping the flooring would have some subtle interest in it - and this is just what it's got.

Pics to come tomorrow, I promise :)

Thursday, 2 February 2012


Well it was all action at the house today! I dropped by this morning to say hello to the kitchen installer who was back to finish things off there. Then chatted with the chippies who were doing my gable. And was told that later in the day the flooring was arriving on site. EXCITEMENT!

Dropped by again today on the way home and yes - gabling is up and looks great! There is a join in one sheet which I might query - as it concerns me you'll be able to see it when it's painted? Otherwise it's gorgeous and just as I'd hoped :)

The underflooring is also in, and the boards are there ready to be installed tomorrow (which is when the deck is also being put in). It seems like we are so close, yet still so far away.  Still - great to be seeing progress :)

And, of course, here are some pics. Hope to drop by the house tomorrow to get some more of the deck and the flooring.