Thursday, 12 December 2013

So I'm feeling a little fragile...

Only I go away to the Gold Coast and spot something large, heavy and fragile to bring home. Well. Nearly only me. My mother-in-law (with whom I was holidaying) also spotted something. But she decided to live without it. However since I couldn't leave mine behind, I went back and got hers too. And posted both to myself in Melbourne.

It was actually a lot cheaper than I anticipated. $25 each to post. Not bad given mine was a large ceramic garden stool.
Stool similar to the one I found on
the Gold Coast. Mine is more a subtle
grey/blue and is to go in the front room.

Mother-in-law's item was a similarly sized ceramic hand painted Japanese style pot. She really really liked it - and given she was so generous taking us to the Gold Coast I wanted to surprise her with it.

I am reasonably confident the garden stool will make it here intact. It's relatively well packed and quite sturdy. I am less optimistic about the pot which was not so well packed and had to be shoved into a second box (after a lengthy hunt around Pacific Fair the other day to find something the right size). It's also thinner so probably more delicate.

Anyway. Will wait and see. I sent the pot on Wednesday and the stool Thursday - so am hopeful they will arrive next week some time. Hopefully intact - I'll let you know! Really hoping they arrive in good order and look well in their intended spaces. Both took a lot of work to pack and post so I am hoping they're worth it!

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Christmas Lights

Being part of a street that 'lights up' at Christmas, we've started really getting into the swing of things. This has involved getting new powerpoints under the eaves for Christmas lights, as well as buying new light up items.

The plan is we will add to the selection of lights - 1 new thing a year. This year we actually got three new items - 2 'star' rope lights hung in the 2 front windows, as well as a set of 3 illuminated present boxes. Next year I am thinking of getting an outdoor illuminated Christmas Tree to sit the presents beneath.

It's hard to get a decent photo of it, but here's a couple I snapped off last night.

With the flash - so you can see the window
stars and the presents by the front door

As it looks from the street at night

Have also decorated the tree for the year. All it is missing is a new set of Christmas lights. I had planned to go a two-toned colour scheme this year, but in the end I am liking the plain silver. Need to get the ladder out to straighten up the star - and I will invest in a new set of lights as the set we have is very small and not really up to the job.

It is nice to sit in the front room
and look at the tree

Can't believe it's nearly the end of the year - our first full one in our new home. I still have so many plans for decorating this place, so hope to continue having things to write about in the new year!


So when we built I thought we'd thought of every POSSIBLE powerpoint and plug. Apparently not!

Yesterday had sparkies out to do bits and bobs. None of it took that long, and it was relatively inexpensive, but little things make life easier! We:
  • Had the 2 plug powerpoint behind the main TV replaced with a 4 plug powerpoint - this makes using a DVD player there so much easier!
  • Had a 4 plug powerpoint added above the deep freeze. This is my 'charge' spot for batteries and appliances so it's handy to have so many points here
  • Added an outdoor powerpoint on the side externally for the Kaacher
  • Swapped the mecs in 3 spots so they are more logical
  • Had 2 powerpoints installed under the eaves for external Christmas lights
  • Had another powerpoint installed next to Sean's sitting room chair so he can work on his laptop easily there
  • Had an outdoor sensor and light installed over the driveway and bin area to light up the driveway and path for pedestrians and vehicles
All simple things - all have made a real difference :)

The external Christmas lights - 
here installed under the eave on a timer