Monday, 26 August 2013


So the blinds were installed Saturday arvo and look GREAT. I would have put up a pic immediately, but Sean broke his arm a few hours after they went up - and so I have been a wee bit busy since then.

I love the fabric. I love the chain drive mechanism - just too easy. I also love they are overmounted so when they are up there is no loss of light. And I REALLY love the reduction in echo and heat loss! I am slowly getting my head around colours, textures and spaces to bring the room together. Will not be for a while, but I am thinking about how to make it really look great with some decor items.

In the meantime here is a dodgy shot so you can see the basic colour and how they look in the meals area. Has made a huge difference to the space :) Thanks Margie!

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Cheap and cheerful

A few little projects completed this morning. Putting up a hanging rack for the wrapping paper inside the spare room cupboard. Moving a door stop.

A cheap and easy way to store
wrapping paper and greeting cards.

Moved the door stop to prevent the door handle
banging against the new mirror.

Monday, 5 August 2013

Almost Blinded

Exciting news today - Margie let me know the blinds have arrived! They won't be hung for a few weeks yet, but it's still exciting to know they are in. They're still wrapped up, so obviously it's not a brilliant shot. Still excited to see it :)

Ready to be delivered and hung
our roman blinds for the rear -
Broome fabric in the colour 'Mushroom'

Entry Mirror

Much excitement, today. We had Tom from Ellis Art Installation out to hang the entryway mirror.

I love watching a real professional work. He knew exactly what to do, had all the equipment, and made it look oh so easy. Definitely recommend his services if you need a mirror or artwork professionally hung.

It what seemed like no time at all, our entryway went from boring to beautiful!

Of course, as is usually the case, one job begets another - and so this weekend Sean will be putting a longer doorstop on to protect the mirror's frame from the front cupboard handle. But that's a job of only a few moments and then I can take the teatowel off the cupboard handle and the entryway will be perfect!

Friday, 2 August 2013

So much for not spending...

The kids were at Grandma's today. So Sean and I went for a wander. A wander which saw us ending up at a little store where I saw these. 

Augustine Wingbacks in Taupe

I have been looking at these for a while and pondering whether to get a couple for the front room. Well today I decided they would look great and so we've placed an order for two. It was good timing as they're expecting a shipment in a couple of weeks - and they're all spoken for bar two so we've not long to wait.

Of course - it still leaves all the little things yet to complete in the front room - but it's another step in the right direction.

Something I am looking for to add to the space is a floor lamp. I know they are unspeakably old fashioned, but I think this space can carry it - particularly with the right shade. And it will give some vertical emphasis to the space which it also needs.

More Waiting

So it's been a while since I posted anything. While I have been doing things, there's not a lot to actually show!

Have finally ordered blinds for the back room. After about her 50th visit to the house to talk window options with me, I've finally given Margie the order. They're to be a linen look chain driven roman blind. We will be having 14 in all - which will be the 2 windows in the hall, a total of 5 blinds across the 2 sets of french doors, the 2 windows in the living room and the 5 in the meals area. Each blind is to be slightly overmounted to give the illusion of higher windows. The fabric is called 'Broome' and the colour 'Mushroom' and it is precisely what I was after.

Broome fabric in 'Mushroom'

I really like the texture of the fabric, and am hopeful it will look as I envisage once they're in.

Also I have booked the mirror to be wall mounted. The fellow will be out here on Monday. I hope it will be straight forward - although there is lots of wiring in the wall cavity as there is a plasma wall mounted on the other side of the wall in the bedroom. Will wait to hear what he says!

Between the blinds and the mirror (purchase, transport and hanging) I've been spending a bit at the moment - so expect the next few months posts to be about 'cheap and cheerful' additions or modifications to the house. I need to sit on my hands for a while ;)

I do plan to make a gift wrapping area, soon, so stay tuned for that. I also have a couple of small sewing projects planned. Finally I have the frames ready for the prints I got for my birthday - so that will be another project I can move along with.