Thursday, 26 June 2014

More laundry loving!

So as I mentioned a couple of posts ago I have been playing around in my laundry. Which is a little silly, really, given it's only really the family who see it! However I decided it could do with a little love.

I started with a few items for the end of the bench - but the dated 'housekeepers box' was annoying me. I wanted something a little more rustic. So after much searching online, I found a suitable basket at Early Settler. While slightly larger than I need, I really like the colour and the way it obscures the unattractive detergent bottles yet keeps them close to hand for when required.

I also bought a little soap dish, but in retrospect I am not sure I like it there. Never mind - with 5 handbasins around the house I am sure I can find somewhere for it to live ;)

So here's a quick before and after. I'm quite pleased!

Before - housekeeper's box was not doing it for me

Much happier with a wicker basket in that spot

Friday, 20 June 2014

Feathered Friends

At a decor shop a few weeks back Adelaide was a little bored. There was a maximum $5 section, so I told her she could chose something. She chose a little feathered friend. It was actually on further mark down, so I realised I could also afford its feathered friend.

We came home and Delie was very clear they were to sit on her curtain rail. And so here, in pride of place, they are!

I must admit the first few times I saw them they alarmed me. Now I'm used to them. Their names are Adelaide and Rosie (apparently!).

Here on the end of her curtain rail

Adelaide and Rosie - feathered friends! 

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Fun finishings!

So I have been watching a lot of Canadian and American design shows on Foxtel. Honestly, I much prefer the Canadian shows. Their sense of style is a little quirkier, in my opinion, and seems more original. I have a few fave shows - Love it or List it - Vancouver and Property Brothers / My Dream Home. One thing I like about all of them are the decor items they use. Like tiny little decor vignettes all throughout the house.

It makes the spaces look more real and finished and, most importantly, interesting!

One space I have started on is a corner of our laundry. I bought a jar to hold my napisan, another for pegs, and then some twine and scissors. Will probably add a nice chunky square basket further down the bench to hold the laundry liquids, and a rustic soap dish for beside the tub. But for now I am quite pleased with how it's all coming together.

Some little decor pieces

Up close. A bit more interesting than a blank benchtop.

Am also thinking of adding a rustic tray underneath it all. We need a tray anyway - and I like the idea of having it 'on display' instead of 'in a cupboard' when not in use. Asked around on a couple of groups I am a part of, and this one was suggested. Under $40 and there's a store close by. Might be just the ticket!

Saturday, 14 June 2014

A day at a time

Winter is here - and while I've been quite busy doing things around the house, this has not translated into updating my poor neglected blog ;)

The long awaited rug arrived - and while it is slightly more baby blue than I'd anticipated, it works well in the space, is great quality, and is deliciously warm underfoot! With the addition of a few more cushions this space is just about done. All I need now are a side table or two, a mirror for above the fireplace and a few objet d'art.

The rug is here and beautifully warm!
So time to move onto another room! I have been working on Oscar's room a bit, and also the spare room. Oscar's is going to be in an orange grey and teal with a science theme. The spare room much more feminine with splashes of colour.  Will be back with updated pics soon :)