Wednesday, 29 August 2012


I am really liking our landscaper Warren. Has been there every day getting on with things - and boy are things moving!

Yesterday he put the posts for the retaining walls in - and today he started with the walls. Only a few in when I visited at lunchtime - but it was all happening fast. The plan is to get the retaining walls in ASAP, then start on the concrete pad for the paving/seating area.

The start of the retaining walls.
These will run along the Southern boundary
and across the back of the property.

In the back looking North to where the
redbrick circular seating feature will be.

Looking back to the South which will be lawn
with the kids' cubby house recessed in to the South/East corner

Close up (taken from meals area)
of the kids' cubby spot.

The concreters were back today, too, to 'expose' the concrete for the side path. It's looking great - and I am really pleased we've had it done. The kids will LOVE a big path to ride their bikes.

Porch meets side path

Looking down the side from the front.
Pretty soon a water tank will sit there
behind a new fence/gate.

So pleased we had this done :)

Looking back down
from the back to the front!

Concreters will be back on Saturday to finish the crossover and footpath, and pour a pad for Sean's shed. In the meantime fencer is coming on Friday to put some posts up, and Warren is hoping to have the concrete pad for the outdoor paving in ASAP. So exciting!

Monday, 27 August 2012

Landscaping and Paths

For a few days there, the front of the house was looking relatively presentable! Not so now!!

The landscaper has been busy - removing even more dirt out the back and leveling it ready for our outdoor paving. We're having an arc of reclaimed red brick seating around some red brick paving. Something a little like this.

He's also doing retaining walls on the back and side fences as well as planting all around.

It's going to look GREAT, but for now of course it means more moving dirt, more bricks being delivered, and generally more mess!

Retaining wall going in on the right side

Reclaimed bricks being delivered for paving and seating

But wait - there's more!!!

Out the back. A dirt pile yet again.

Looking out to where the cubby will be

This was exasperated by the concreters coming today to pour the side path and dig up the crossover and footpath. Bobcats everywhere, concrete trucks, utes and workers. It was all happening!

The side path being poured

Where the footpath used to be

Inside looking out to the side path

I am so pleased with the way it is coming together! Have rung to organise the water tank to be installed early next week (hopefully) and the fences immediately thereafter.

In the meantime, I have moved a few things across to get the kids excited about the idea of moving. I want them to be really happy and enthused about the new house and I figured the easiest way to do that was to start making it theirs. So - a sneak peek at the beginning of their new rooms!

Friday, 24 August 2012


So while we have keys, we're still waiting!

Specifically for the concreting to be done down the side. For the landscaping. And for the fences. And then we can move!

Sean has started moving bits and bobs across. The sort of thing no-one is going to bother breaking in to steal ;)  I was there on Thursday to meet the builder's rep who came to put in a couple of shelves, bring some tiles and my vacuum cleaner kit. 

Also my splashback in the laundry was replaced. Looks great!

The splashback as it was always meant to be!

And then the window guys came out to replace a faulty window and to unstick 2 others. So there's still progress ;)

Was a busy day - and I was wondering how I would keep a small toddler busy while I did what needed to be done. Thankfully she decided to take a small rest in the WIR for an hour or so!

Site supervisor taking a well earned break.

Am really enjoying getting it finally ready to move in. Did not end up buying Adelaide's mattresses the other day - so that's a task for this weekend...

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Big Girl Bed

Over to the house again this morning. This time to drop off some chairs and Adelaide's beds. I bought two cast iron beds for an excellent price on EBAY, and was going to use one for her and then sell off the other, but decided that as her room is HUGE - why not let her large collection of soft toys also enjoy a bed?  So twin beds it is!

Off to buy her a couple of mattresses this afternoon, probably, and then Sean wants to do a load with the trailer to get more out of the garage.

Seriously need to get a rug into that house ASAP. With blinds only in 3 rooms, and hard surfaces everywhere, it's noisy when the kids are in and screaming at one another.

Decor wise, it's certainly developing its own look. Can't wait to fully move in!

Friday, 17 August 2012


I spent the whole day at the house today, pretty much. The kids were off early for an all-day grandparent visit - so it was a great chance to get in to the house and give it the sort of clean I'd like it to have before we move.

Generally it was pretty good - but because of the floor sanding/final polish, the walls had lots of red dust on them. Not immediately obvious, but in some rooms where the light hit it just right you could really see it. So much of the day was spent with the feather duster. Also started on washing down the walls in the bathrooms. Although they've already been washed over, they really need another few goes to get all the grout and dust off.

Tested the windows, doors, handles etc. as I went through. Only 3 need attention (the double hungs are all stuck - and the ensuite window is sticking). A few tiny little touchups needed - but really I'm quite pleased.

Sean had thoughtfully taken a few bits and bobs over last night along with my cleaning stuff - including 2 chairs! They're the new chairs to go with our new meals table - and I am happy to confirm they are really comfy - and look great in the kitchen/meals area! As soon as I saw them insitu I thought 'got THAT right!'

Late morning my lovely friend Margie came to fit blinds in the spare and kids' rooms. They look great! Eventually I plan to add some overdrapes for interest - but will wait until I am decorating each room to decide that part. For now they have nice blockouts in a textured off-white which will work with any scheme I introduce in the future.

New blind in the spare room. Same in the kids rooms

Also (FINALLY) decided on what to do in the master bedroom! We're going with 'Eggshell' drapes on a chrome decorator rod over box pleat sheers. The drapes will be hung 20cm above actual window height - and extend beyond the edge of the windows so when they are retracted you get full light. Looking in to getting (or making) a matching padded bedhead to tie it all together.

This sort of rod, but with pinch pleat drapes and sheers

Am doing the same rod and sheers in the front room - but will decide on the actual drapes at a later stage. Means we can pin a blanket to the rod for privacy and buy a bit of time to think about how I want to style that room.

Also having an off-white shutter in the recess between the ensuite and bedroom, and matching off-white venetians in the ensuite and bathroom. Would have liked to have done shutters, but the winder on the awning windows protrudes too far - so wooden style venetians it is.

Our landscaper, Warren, also dropped by to check out the site - as he is eager to start this coming week. Suits us!! Reminds me - I need to ring and get our electricity switched over...

Wednesday, 15 August 2012


That kinda sums it up!!

So a few things which still need to be done - a splashback is booked to be changed on Monday. The rainwater tank after concreting. An extra shelf in a cupboard. Some spare tiles, roof tiles and the kit for my vacuum cleaner system.

Have rung the concreter to get started with my side path and crossover. The landscaper to start with that. Margie is coming over tomorrow to fit some of the blinds. And I am booking my gas log fireplace to be installed early week after next.

And I am happy to report that with a little practice it's been easy to get both cars parked on the driveway! will help when we have some plants in so I can see where the garden bed is.  I keep thinking I am really close to it - but when I check I am miles away!

I was going to put up heaps of pics - but really the only major difference is the fixed appliances in (and Mabel my mixer came across for a quick visit to see how she looked on the benchtop).

Axel my ASKO. Bought because of its
superior child-proof locks. A perfect fit!

Tecknika cooktop which came standard with the build.
Have not used it, yet - but am loving the wok burner!

Lexi my Electrolux! In the end she fit 
perfectly into the cabinet. Meant to be!

Mabel my mixer came over for a quick visit.
I wanted to see how she'd look on my bench!

Monday, 13 August 2012


So it's 2 days until handover is scheduled!  We're aiming for around midday this Thursday :)  Trades are all going to be on site from 6am. The guys are coming over here at that time to pick up the dishwasher and oven - and coming back later to put my other oven in here.

Very exciting!

Two things will need to be done after handover - one is the water tank which was at our request so it can go on a concrete base. The other is the laundry splashback - which is still not correct.

Tried parking on my driveway today. Is definitely going to take me some time to get used to parking on it! Couldn't get the angles quite right!

Tuesday, 7 August 2012


One of the advantages of being on site so often is there was very little to 'pick up' on at today's walkthrough. 99% of things I have already flagged - or we've discussed the whens and wheres - so there were few surprises.

One thing is I thought we were getting were aluminum kickers - but somewhere between the colour consult and the signed docs these got left off. Not a huge big deal - I can live with white - for now at least!

The builders have been great agreeing to come back to install the water tank (after I have had the path poured down the side). So much easier than emptying it and moving it to later pour the path and then re-seat the tank on top.

I know it will look very similar to previous pics, so I did not go mental, but here's a few snaps from today.

The garden. Or what will be the garden soon!

Friday, 3 August 2012


Eventually we'll get a front fence put in, and will have a letterbox built into that. But in the interim we need a letterbox! So a quick visit to Bunnings, and we picked up a cheap and cheerful plain black letterbox which we mounted on the corner post of the neighbour's fence.

It doesn't look too bad - and will suffice until we put the front fence in.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

The End is Nigh!!

This morning popped past the house and they were doing the final coat on the floors. So no access, now, until Monday. Which is when our walk-through is planned!

From there it's usually a week until handover!

Have been mentally thinking of all the things I need to get done before we can move in. The list is pretty substantial. But we are so so close now!

Wednesday, 1 August 2012


So they came back today to expose the driveway. I love the colour, but now it's in I am worried it looks awfully dominating. The concreter just laughed and says everyone says that the first few times they see their driveway in.

Driveway, path and porch

Close up - still wet and only partly exposed

This gives a good indication of the colour

Floor boards being done Friday. The guy has been told to stay off my driveway else risk me go beserk..