Sunday, 10 November 2013

Draped, too!

So with Oscar getting curtains and bunting, little Miss has been more than a little vocal wanting the same. As far as SHE was concerned, things were promised and not (yet) received. The jury rests!!

So today there was a trip to IKEA. To get some cheapie sheers for her curtain rod, and a cheapie frame for a print I've had lying around and thought would be nice in her room.

Pole in. Waiting for sheers.
No bunting. No curtains.
Little Miss not happy!!

With a set of 2 sheers.
IKEA LILL for $6 a pair.

Here shown with one curtain each side of the centre.

And a bunting for a bit of decoration.

Am seriously considering buying another pair.
$6 is hardly going to break the bank.
Here shown with both panels on one side -
double thickness.

And I really like the fuller feel.

Also framed up an old Ida Outhwaite 
print to go into Adelaide's bedroom.

A busy but productive day. Oh if every household wish could be satisfied by a $6 purchase. $12 if I decide to get a second set :P

Saturday, 2 November 2013


So our lovely friend Margie was kind enough to start her long weekend coming by our place to put up a couple of curtain poles.

While the blockout rollers we've had in the kids' rooms are fine, we've needed a little extra colour to make the rooms 'pop'.

In Oscar's room have added navy side drapes. They can close to fully cover the window - but basically they're there to frame the space. I am so pleased with how they've turned out!

With the pole - waiting for the right drapes

Room with navy side drapes added

Rest of the room

Have gone with pre-mades as chances are they'll be swapped over as room colours and tastes change. I didn't want to spend a lot. Am pleased with the look, though! Now all I need is a cushion, or two, for the arm chair and his room is done. For now at least ;)

In Adelaide's room, I am thinking of adding white sheers across the whole expanse. I think it will add a little softness to the space.

Am yet to find the right sheers for Adelaide's room.
I have my eye out, though ;)

A small project completed, but another step in the right direction :) In time I plan to do likewise in the guest bedroom. However being a low use area, I'll probably have curtains made for that space as I don't mind paying a little extra to make the space right.