Saturday, 30 August 2014


So I am a day early, but spring has well and truly sprung at Parkview. Today has seen us busy in the garden. Mostly weeding, I'm afraid, but it's heartening to see the buds on my plants and to see how well my camelias are doing.

We also spent today cleaning out the cubby house. It had become a disgusting dumping ground that the kids avoided for fear of spiders and ants. Well it took 3 hours, but all is now sorted, the ant nest has been removed, two large and hairy spiders likewise, and the toys all put back in to place. The kids are so excited to have their own space back and sorted :)

As part of the spring plans we're moving on with stage two of planting out the back garden. This season we'll be adding some ground cover beneath my camelias and fruit trees. It will help keep the weeds down and add some interest and layers. I'm also planning floral edging along the brick seating outside - but so far not quite sure on what.

I have also been spring cleaning - which has been strangely enjoyable. I am doing a room a day - and amazingly it's taking that long to do each one! I'm about 1/3 of the way through the house which is a little odd as the 'done' parts are spotless and gleaming. The other parts not so much (read here not at all)! It will take another week to clean and clear, but I am looking forward to having the house clean and the next stage of the garden underway.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014


So I thought I'd come up with the solution to the living room seating. Even got the go ahead from Sean. But something kept stopping me from placing the order. And then inspiration struck! Or I should say then Empire Lane Design put up some pics of a display home they'd recently styled (and then inspiration struck!)

I love blue and white, but it's never seemed right in any home I've lived in. But when I saw the styling of this home by Empire Lane Design something clicked for me.

I can now really see blue in my living / meals / kitchen space. Not as formal as this space - but something a bit more casual. What really has me excited, though, is the way the leather armchairs work so well with the linen couch.  With my existing oak furniture, and some new cushions, I can see a blue linen couch being just the thing. And I can also see me getting to indulge in buying some blue-ware!

In fact the only thing I can't see working in the space is Mabel my red mixer. I wonder if there's a market for swapping KitchenAid mixers for other colours? This would look might fine on my kitchen bench...

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

When a good plan comes together...

So the back area of the house has troubled me for some time. We desperately need more seating, and a few more items to make it look more finished.

The problem is I have a dog. Kids. A husband. So we really need leather. Our couch has a HARD life ;) So I started looking for a new leather suite. And nothing appealed. And I refuse to spend the cost of a small car on something which doesn't excite me!

So then I started looking at fabric sofas. And again nothing local appealed. Everything looked big and boxy. Or the wrong height. Or the wrong scale. Or just, well, wrong!

There was a couch I spotted which I liked. Online, of course, and as it has a lot it would need to match (blinds, existing leather couch which I would retain etc.) I figured I'd not be able to get a fabric sample so just dismissed it. Nothing against online shopping, but I'd not be spending that much on trust!

So then my downfall. I saw it also came in a gorgeous single seater - and suddenly I could see it all coming together! A couch and 2 single seaters opposite one another with the existing leather couch perpendicular. So I sent an email asking whether they happened to have fabric samples... And guess what? Yes they did. Yes they arrived today and yes, I think it might well be just the thing!

Of course, it would mean training kids and dogs that they only EVER sit on the leather couch. But that should be fine - the kids don't sit on my sitting room couch. So it might be achievable. I am concerned the legs might not match my oak furniture (can see my OCD getting the better of me and demanding hubby sand and stain them to match).  But, so far, I think it might just work!

The couch in question! Love that it's a bit more
interesting than the boxy stuff that seems so
popular locally

Would team it with 2 of these.

Have not raised the issue with husband, yet. I am sure he'll not object to the look of the sofas/chairs themselves. The cost he might grumble about but will probably be fine with. If I started talk about sanding back legs he'll likely crack it. Might save that info until AFTER they arrive ;)

Of course - all this depends on keeping my pug off the new purchases. So right now it might be the smallest member of our household holding things back! I'll roll it around in my mind for a few days and see how I feel about it. And see how hubby reacts ;)

Can't stay angry with him - since he lost his
brother, there's been a lot of lying around and moping.
Just wish he'd not do said moping on my
sitting room sofa!

Friday, 15 August 2014

Pillow Ponderings

One thing I am fiercely proud of is Australian design. In my opinion we have some simply amazing designers, and I like to acknowledge this by buying locally designed pieces for my home where I can.

One historic Australian designer I admire is Florence Broadhurst. A girl born in the back of beyond who traveled extensively and really lived life! The mystery of her death adds to the whole mystique too, I guess. I know it's the design equivalent of 3 ducks on a wall - but I've been looking for just a 'touch of Florence' for my home for a while. And now I think I've found it :)

My long suffering 'spare room' really needs to be finished off. The new bedlinen looks well, but I need cushions etc. to complete the look. Which is where these pillow ponderings come in. I am considering some subtle but oh so pretty Florence Broadhurst pillows for the bed. I just can't decide whether to do standard pillow cases, or a smaller decorative cushion? I really like the pattern, so I am leaning towards 2 standard pillow cases and then using decorative cushions in coordinating colours and textures to complete the look.

As the least used bed in the house, I figure I can go to town with the pillows as it won't need to be remade all that often :)

New ivory bed linen (needs a press!)
Blue cushions are from elsewhere in 
the house and just to give an idea

Am thinking of buying 2 of these standard
pillow cases to add to this bed

Need to make up my mind before they sell out. Wish I could see the colour IRL first. It looks like a grey/slate blue. In any case I think it will work.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Even more laundry loving!

So it started with some jars for napisan, one for pegs and a spool of twine. Then I moved on to a nice basket to put the laundry liquids etc. in instead of a tin. Today finally put in place the tray I bought.

I've actually been after a tray like this for ages - and it's also the right thing for that spot, so I figured it could be stored in plain sight, making my laundry look a little prettier.

I still have a lot to do elsewhere, but other than a wipe down of the upright freezer, and perhaps a decorative window treatment, this space is finished. For now ;)