Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Finding new purposes

The start to the year has seen me very quiet - but honestly who wants post after post of 'I have decluttered this that and the other'? Suffice to say the house is already feeling lighter - and with every thing I sell, donate or give away I feel more peaceful. There really is something quite liberating about opening the door to an entirely clean and bare cupboard!

Part of this process has also involved the re-purposing of items; finding different ways in which to use them. A good example of this was today. In the cleanup I found a pair of Vera Wang crystal tea light holders which I've honestly never used. And while I love my marble cheese paddle, there's a limit to how often I use that, too. So today when I realised my mint was in desperate need of being cut back, I decided I'd re-purpose that, also, and put together a bit of a display for the end of the kitchen bench.

Nothing fancy, but it does make the house smell amazing and I like knowing I am using things which would otherwise sit in a cupboard or be destined for my compost bin.

A good way to use up mint off-cuts

Other than decluttering, the start to the year has seen us cooking. LOTS of cooking. Sean recently attended a Paella cooking course and has since been treating us with various Paella and Spanish creations.

His first Paella (Chorizo and Chicken) was so flavoursome and a hit with the adults of the family. Subsequent seafood versions were also well received!

Start of the Chorizo and Chicken Paella

Was delicious!

Calamari, Prawn, Scallop and Fish Paella

Also amazing!

So now Easter is upon us and I am about to start making Hot Cross Buns. Other than that, the Easter long weekend will see us cleaning up outside the house (pressure washing under the eaves, the paths etc.) and lots of get togethers with friends.