Friday, 28 October 2011

Plumbed and Bricks

Dropped by the house today. 4 pallets of bricks on-site and the plumbers, too.

They said they've plumbed the solar panels to go above the 2nd bedroom rather than the alfresco. Suits me (am thinking of putting skylights in the alfresco later if natural light is not abundant). I checked, and while the toilets had been plumbed to run off the water tank the washing machine had not. Emailed my building contact to get that sorted :)

Also happy to see my missing window has been added!

A bit more framing done (fireplace suround, marking the slab where the ceiling air con, manhole, air return unit etc. are going to sit.). Can't wait to see some bricks put up. I think windows are next, though?

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

2 years

So it was 2 years yesterday that we bought 'Parkview'. My baby was one and just toddling. My new baby was not even on her way!

Oh how far we have come in two years. We have survived some very challenging circumstances, have had the joy of our precious daughter joining our family, have found direction and a new way forward - and now have the prospect of our new home to look forward to.

Home has long been important to me. Probably because we moved so often when I was a child. In fact this experience made me pretty fixed in some of my house design ideas. For example it was not conceivable, to me, that the kids rooms have any differences. I wanted same size, same storage even same window aspect. I always felt I got the raw end of the deal rooms wise (the room in blue not pink, the room with no wardrobe, the room with bright orange curtains etc.) so I was determined the kids would have identical rooms! To the millimeter.

I also wanted a sitting room. Perhaps not used all that often, but there to be quietly enjoyed. I really need a clean quiet space to just sit - and that's what I plan for that room.

I have a vision of what I want my home to look like, and how I want it to feel. I am so excited that this dream is on its way to becoming reality <3

Here's our new home - with the porch and roof trusses!

Thursday, 20 October 2011


While sitting in a conference today I was so excited to receive a text from Sean to tell me we'd been framed!!!! So, of course, on the way home we spun by to take a look :)

It is so exciting to 'see' my rooms come together. It is (mostly) as I'd imagined, although there are a few surprises.

My hallway is narrower than I'd thought (good - I was worried I'd wasted too much space on it). WIR is just huge. I am unsure I will ever have enough clothes to fill it. Second bedroom looks quite small - but on comparing it to our current second bedroom I realised it is larger than many bedrooms and an ample size for a spare room.

My back living area is huge. It's going to be a lovely space to enjoy! And my study nook is a lot larger than I anticipated. Lots of space to spread out!

Only one error I noticed - one window appears to have been omitted. I have emailed them and will call tomorrow to follow up. Might go around there tomorrow with the plans to make sure all is as it should be.

 Sitting Room


Ensuite and WIR

Adelaide's Room

Oscar's Room

Double Robe in Oscar's Room

Living Room / Kitchen / Meals

Site Supervisor checking things out

Thursday, 6 October 2011


A lot has been happening the last few days. Went past for a drive today and saw what I'd been waiting for. A slab!!

Of course, now it's there I am second guessing myself and wondering whether we chose the right position etc. Will head there over the weekend to clean up the builder's rubbish (they leave so much takeaway food rubbish on site) and also to take the plans and a measuring tape to make sure it's where it's supposed to be.

Saturday, 1 October 2011


So Thursday was meant to see our slab being poured. However heavy rain and hail has delayed this. Is good to see the plumbing has gone in on the block though. Makes me realise just how huge the house is (and how miniscule our garden is going to be...). Maybe my love of massive rooms was a bit OTT??

I must admit now I see it on the block I am concerned. I do hope it's not too big? The driveway area concerns me, too. I will really need to think about how to landscape it so it is not a huge wasted and ugly space. Decisions decisions...

Waiting to meet our site supervisor. In the interim a small boy is keeping a close eye on proceedings ;)