Monday, 28 October 2013

More Art

In my other post I showed 3 artworks Sean bought for my birthday. Well. Loved them so much he bought me the other 2 in the series!

I am so pleased with how well they look at either end of my kitchen table. The table itself needs styling up - but the art makes a good start!

The Shrine and Luna Park -
the new additions

Here hung at the Northern end of
our kitchen table

A perfect complement to the three
hanging at the Southern end of 
the table

Very pleased with the overall look :)

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Wishes do come true

Adelaide has been desperate for a bookcase 'of her very own'. I wanted something wide enough that she could use the top to house her dolls house as well - and nothing seemed quite the thing - until I found a half-height extra wide bookcase on EBAY.

Bought it for next to nothing, and in the next week or so Sean will paint it white. In the meantime, though, here it is in pride of place in her room - ready to surprise her when she gets home from Grandma's this afternoon!

The new bookcase in Adelaide's room

Will paint it white and add some
baskets to store her toys. 

<7/11/13 Update>  Need to come back and update on how little Miss reacted to the new bookcase. Well - after being led to her room for a 'surprise' Adelaide ran screaming up and down the hallway thanking Mumma and Dadda for her 'very own special boo'case!!!'. Numerous cuddles and kissies of legs (interrupted by running back to her room and re-checking the surprise) ensued :D

A few initial books were provided by her beloved Grandma. An entire bookcase has now been furnished with lovely books - and the top with her dolls house. Still not painted. It will be - but it's a particularly busy period at home right now.

But it pleases me our lovely girl has a space for her books and treasures <3

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Not quite as planned

So I had planned a canvas to sit over my computer in the study nook. I loved the pic (a recent one of the kids) and I measured the space then ordered it. But when it arrived it just looked far too 'busy' in the study nook area :(

I was thinking it looked 'ok' there - until our junior art aficionado suggested hanging it on the wall to the right of the nook. We tried it there and BINGO. The right spot for it!

In time we will add a second same sized canvass beside it (probably another beach scene but in 3 or 4 years time). But for now I am quite pleased with the unexpected placement.

To the right of the study nook.
"See Mum - I told you it would look good here!"

The artwork. Oscar and Adelaide at Brighton Beach.

Looking down the hallway to the front door.
Just what this spot needed :)

Sunday, 6 October 2013


Quite some time ago I found 3 artworks I really liked. Sean bought them for my birthday - and finally today we hung them.

And now they are in place, I love them even more!

I love them so much, in fact, I plan to buy the remaining 2 in the series. To hang on the opposite wall.

Some things are meant to be. These were destined for my home. I am thrilled with them!