Saturday, 20 April 2013

Clearly not the sharpest tool...

In our bedroom we have the plasma wall mounted. But it really needs something beneath it for a vase and the clock. I was thinking a chest of drawers or a console table.

The problem is, I'd really like whatever it is to match our bedside tables. And I just can't find the right thing :(

After searching on and off for months, now, I was almost at the stage of getting something (anything) and replacing it when I could find the right thing.

I mean - our four piece bedroom set is lovely (even though we only use the bedside tables in our room) so it would be a pity to have to replace it just because I could not find the right thing to match. As it is the dressing table is in Adelaide's room, and Oscar has the matching chest of drawers.


The ideal thing has been sitting here the whole time. In Oscar's bedroom!

Given there's nothing it needs to 'match' in his room, I can easily find a new chest of drawers for him, and take his into our room.

I can't believe it did not occur to me earlier.

I am yet to properly style it up (desperately needs a wide low vase) and I also have to cable-tie the power cords up. But otherwise I am thrilled!

Saturday, 13 April 2013


Sean has been hassling me since we moved in about getting the shoes up off the floor in the WIR.

To be fair he has a point. They've become a target for dustbunnies and I am sick of tripping over them every time I go into the wardrobe.

So this morning I set about in earnest looking for a solution. I don't like most of the hanging systems, and the small racks never seem to adequately accommodate my size 11+ shoes.

What I really wanted was something small enough to fit under Sean's shirts at the far end of the wardrobe, but tall enough to fit at least 3 layers of shoes. So after a quick websearch we were off to Masters to get 2 small white bookshelves! Sean's just put them together, I've loaded them, and they are just the thing!

At the moment we have the perfect amount of space for our shoes - but if I decide I need a few more pair then I will get another shelf cut for each bookcase as height-wise each can easily have one more for additional storage if needs be.

Admittedly it's not currently the most glam solution - so now I am investigating wallpaper to line the backing board with. I thought it could look quite nice? That will happen when I do wardrobe stage two - which will involve some lovely new timber hangers, some artwork and a system to hang my 'junk' jewellery.

But, for now, this is good :)

Friday, 12 April 2013

The Front Room

Sadly my formal sitting room has, hereto, been neglected. Rather than the lovely cosy space to enjoy a glass of wine and a good book by the fire, it has become a dumping ground for furniture I've not yet found the heart to EBAY :(

But that might be about to change! Determined to get something happening in the space, today I asked Sean his opinion on seating. He wanted a Chesterfield in there. Which honestly - just ISN'T my thing! Too big. Too dark. Too bulky. I had plans of a lighter looking space.

And then I found this! I like it a lot! Not too fussy, but still quite formal. Nicely balanced, looks comfy yet at the same time simple and understated. Better still - being that it's a Chesterfield Sean still gets his ideas catered to!

It's not, yet, a done deal. Sean has yet to come home and give it the final tick of approval. But I am pretty sure this will be in pride of place in our front room soon :)
Which leads to my next question. What to go with it?
I'd ideally like 2 occasional chairs in matching linen, but I can't see anything on the site and let's face it - matching linens is like matching whites. Nearly impossible and a slight difference can look horrendous. I've emailed the distributor to ask whether there's anything matching - so will wait and see.

Friday, 5 April 2013

Tick Tock!

This weekend we've continued our assault on the walls. Specifically hanging clocks in the kids' rooms.

Oscar used to have a rocket theme and clock, but he's now out of the phase (and his poor rocket clock was looking a little worse for wear) so yesterday we replaced his clock with a more generic clock with a thermometer and hygrometer. He LOVES looking at the clock and working out if it is going to be a 'long pants or short pants' day, and whether he might need his umbrella!

Adelaide, on the other hand, has not yet had a clock. Sure at 2 and a half she's not going to be able to read it - but it's not doing anything useful sitting on the top shelf of her wardrobe. So we hung hers today, too. She'll be excited to see it - there was some jealousy when Oscar yesterday got a clock and she didn't ;)

Adelaide's new clock -
to match her Red / Pink / Teal
Japanese room decor

Oscar's new clock -
he's very proud of the temperature and
hygrometer indicators on the face

Monday, 1 April 2013


This week at Parkview it's been more about things out than things in! Have been unpacking some final boxes, throwing things out, selling things on EBAY and decluttering. Not exciting but rewarding none the less.

I have also been cooking. Today banana bread, zucchini soup and tonight a lovely spag. bol made with fresh deliciously ripe tomatoes.

This week I want to get the last of the artworks I can hung. There are several pieces for which a spot has not yet presented itself. I need to drag them out to think about where, if anywhere, they belong.

Finally I am searching for the right shoe solution. I know what I want, but nowhere can I seem to find it. So the hunt continues.