Friday, 29 July 2011

Finishes Revisited - Kitchen

So on Friday it was back to the tile store to 100% sign off on the tiles and finishes for the bathroom and laundry.

Initially I had been going to go for the same look throughout (kitchen, laundry, bathroom, ensuite and powder room) but soon decided to go for two looks. Last post covered the bathroom - so now for the kitchen!

The kitchen is going to be a classic white vinyl wrap with Nougat benchtops. Similar to this idea but less grey, more brown:

We're having one feature laminex on the front of the breakfast bar. Wilsonart's Sable Soapstone:

For the glass splashbacks in the kitchen and laundry we're using Taubmans Leather Beige.

In the kitchen we'll be having floorboards in Grey Ironbark:

And now the tiles. Dark tiles are for the laundry floor. Light ones are the bathroom floor and wall tiles. The caesar shown there is for the bathrooms - but the kitchen is similar with a larger fleck.

The kitchen feature laminex is shown as is the splashback colour.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

The calm before the storm!

On Friday I went with Mum to do my final colour selections - tiles.

It might sound odd that I took Mum, but she has a good sense of colour and style - and Sean really isn't too interested in that sort of thing!

After looking at a lot of options, we came up with a great combo:

Bathroom benchtops will be Caesarstone Ice Snow.

Bathroom cabinets are going to be a vinyl wrap Truffle Lini:

And the tiles. Well I can't find a picture of them but they are a large square tile in a stone look. A bit darker than a sandstone but not quite so yellow. When I get a chance I'll take a photo!

So now it's waiting on the final soil report, final contracts, and then it's all systems go! SO EXCITED!!!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

The last hurrah

So yesterday I go to take a final look at the house and discover it's already gone! This is where our house used to stand!

And then today we went to look again and all there was is this!

So it's full steam ahead from here in. Am finalising our tile selections this Friday and then it's contract time.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Half Up Half Down

So we got there today and the house was still standing - although it was hardly a house anymore. They really had stripped what they could from it. Floorboards. Mirrors. Doors. At first I wondered why they'd not locked the front door - and then I went inside!!!

This had been my loungeroom!

And my kitchen was not in any better shape!

Nor was the old garage and shed!

In fact I think it's fair to say almost the whole place was trashed!

I know you can't make a cake without breaking eggs, but I must admit I was sad to see our old home in this state :(

But now there's no turning back!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

So it all comes down

And tomorrow it all comes down. Our house, I mean.

We only lived there for 6 months, but we loved it. We bought the house when there was just the 3 of us. We sat on the front nature strip, barely daring to breathe, as our best friend's Dad did the bidding on our behalf. It's where Oscar first slept in a BIG BOY bed. Where we celebrated his second birthday. The house where we froze in the cold and sweltered in the heat. The house with bad plumbing and no hot water.

We still loved it!

Oscar calls it 'his house'. Adelaide arrived a couple of months after we moved out, so she does not know the house other than through recent visits. Oscar still remembers it, though. Last visit I said to him "where's your room?" and he charged straight to his old room in the house, big grin on his face.

And tomorrow it will be no more. I must admit I am a little emotional about it :(  While I know the house we build will be right for us, I don't like the idea of destroying something to get to it. Maybe I am just sentimental?

That house was a small snapshot in time - reminding me of a particularly significant time in our lives. I know one can't go backwards - but I think it's permissible to get a little teary thinking back to a time and place where Adelaide was only just on her way, my little guy still slept in a cot, and we first moved to the street we hope to live in for a long long time to come!