Monday, 31 August 2015

Spring has sprung!!!

So spring is here! Spring is my favourite time of the year - and I plan to celebrate by doing a spring clean. Because it's easy to lose momentum, I am dividing the season into weeks and allocating tasks to each week. And as well as spring cleaning, I'll be doing a few low level decorating tasks too.

I thought I'd start with a neglected area of the house - our ensuite and walk-in-robe. I have baby clothes in the top of the wardrobe I need to sell off, and I also need to organise my clothing by weight/season etc. I also have a tonne of fabrics I need to reacquaint myself with. Adelaide needs some cute spring dresses, and I plan to make them.

So happy spring to all - hope you have lots of plans!

Saturday, 29 August 2015

On the hunt...

Yet again I am annoyed by the lack of products available to us in Australia.

Specifically I am after a starburst mirror for above the fireplace in my front room. While I can find several in Australia, they are all fearfully expensive and honestly just not quite what I am after. Of course - I have managed to find the perfect thing, and good alternatives, overseas. And I can even get some of them here. For a cost!

The perfect thing.
Sadly it's around $1200 AUD and
in Pennsylvania

A cheaper option, this is still going
to involve overseas shipping

So another item added to my mental 'will buy this when I find one of these' lists. Sadly the chances of finding one locally is pretty slim - so it's likely to be another online order. Would be nice to be able to buy and support local businesses - but everywhere in Australia seems to have same old same old.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Long time between drinks

So it's been a month, but while there is a lot going on not much is worth reporting. I've been getting into my cooking at the moment (which means Sean is getting into the cleaning up afterwards) and have even been to a few cooking classes. Went to the Thermomix Indian one last night which was actually quite good.

New bedhead arrived, and I did get some new linen, however since the latter is leaving tiny bits of glitter on everything probably the less said on that the better! Still looking for the final bits to style up our room before I post a finished pic.

Have also been reorganising my kitchen cupboards and culling LOTS. Amazing the crap one accumulates - so I've decided it's all going. Amazing how I've not missed any of it and suddenly I have space to see the things I do want.

Am just waiting for the seasons to turn so I can get stuck into the largest declutter job - Adelaide's wardrobe. She has had such a huge growth spurt the pretty little summer dresses I thought might see her through to this spring with an undershirt and leggings will now only serve as tops. Big cull going to happen there which is probably just as well given I'm using the current Myer sales as an opportunity to buy her some new things.