Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Our First Christmas!

Well I really wasn't going to until a friend suggested I need a Christmas post.

So. Our first Christmas in our new house was actually a little restrained. Less pressies. Less food. Less STRESS!

We had Oscar's best mate and his Mum to celebrate with us. And it was so casual and relaxed!

Of course - there is still enough food to feed a small nation. But it has been a lot less stressful than previous years :)

XMAS morning. Before the destruction of two 
over-eager small children!

Adelaide snacking on Christmas cake AND
striped green and red jelly!

Oscar at the end of a busy day.
Flaked out on Dadda on the couch.

Sunday, 23 December 2012


After seeing my friend's lovely laundry, I decided it was time I spruce mine up a little. Admittedly I am not sure one can do a great deal with laundry decor, but a little art brightens up any space!

I've loved the Marimekko Lumimarja design since I saw it in San Francisco. As soon as I saw it I knew I needed to have it somewhere in my house. In our old house there was an obliging wall at the end of the kitchen so it hung there - but no such spot in the new home.

Until I thought it might look well in the laundry! And now it's up I think it's just the spot for it :)

Sunday, 16 December 2012

The Garden

So now we've been in a while, I can report on the progress of the garden!

This week our lovely magnolias have started to bloom! Not every plant - but quite a few. Actually that side of the house is looking quite nice - everything is growing and looking good!

The gardenias down the side at the front are doing OK. Some are doing well and flowering, but we have lost a couple. Will be out replacing those this weekend.

Across the back my crab apple and pear are both doing well. The opulus is OK but not thriving.

However I have, sadly, lost my forest pansy. It just did not make it. So I am considering a weeping cherry or similar to replace it.

Now it is Jacaranda season I am longing for one in the back. Of course, I forget the awful mess they make (not the blossoms - when they lose all their foliage). Just the riot of purple is SO pretty!

I did find my Flemmings Tree Guide a few days back, and am seriously considering a Lilac. Overlooked, in my opinion! Gorgeous, scented, pretty as! What more could one want?

I might ask Santa for one for Christmas!

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Coffee Table

When we got the rug, something just didn't look 'right'. Turns out it was the coffee table! New one arrived Friday and I finally put it into place on Sunday.

I am so happy with it - much lighter and brighter and what the space needed. Now I just have to fix up the couch legs to match and get some colour happening in there cushions wise. I want to go teal, red and linen. So off to Spotlight in the next week or two to pick some fabrics up!