Sunday, 26 January 2014

Welcome - Thelma!

So after going to several demos, and tossing it up in my mind for ages, I finally decided to get a Thermomix. Expensive? Yes. Will I use it? I hope so!!

Of course, I have already named her. Thelma! Can't wait to see her on my countertop (and to see what I can make with her!). She arrives in a fortnight, so watch this space :)

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Oiled Decks

Not an exciting project, but a necessary one!

We were told to leave the deck to cure for a year and then have it oiled. So that was done today. After it was cleaned and hosed down it, and the outdoor furniture, received 2 coats of oil. And what a difference!

Up to now we've really not used the deck in a meaningful way. But that, friends, is about to change!
I am planning some nice outdoor throws and cushions on the day beds, some outdoor art, some more side tables and perhaps a water feature. Am still deciding the overall look. Was thinking maybe something slightly Moroccan feeling?

For now, though, clean and oiled is a good start!


After. Now I need to think outdoor styling :)

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Blue grey mineral(ish) colour and beige

Honestly! Who would have thought the mineral blue colour I've chosen as an accent would be so darn hard to match? We're on to our third set of cushions (also ready to go back) and today I bought a throw for the couch. To be honest, I didn't have much hope for the throw as I was pretty sure it would be too grey. And it probably is a dip greyer than I'd like - but for $49 it matches well enough ;)

This probably does not bode well for rug shopping. I am going to need to see rugs in the room which limits me to local sellers. But I've not found anything local that I like :( Admittedly I have not braved any large rug stores, yet. I guess I know it's going to be hard :P

But, for now, at least I have started adding to the colourscheme in the room.

New throw to match cushions in the sitting room

Wednesday, 8 January 2014


So long suffering Sean has painted - something he thought he'd got out of by building a new house! Now let me start by saying that, as always, he did a lovely job! Especially given, straight after we bought the paint, I started having misgivings about the colour.

I was hoping for something dark and moody. Something to make the room a bit more adult and grown up. As per previous post we went for Taubman's Augustus. I had tossed up between Augustus and Stonington Beige (the latter being ever so slightly more yellow). In the end went Augustus as both the linen furniture and the curtains had an ever so slight yellow to them, and I wanted to pull the way away from being too golden.

Anyway - now it is done, I am really happy with it. Not as WOW as I might have hoped, but probably a lot more 'me'.

After - looking in to the room

Left side with Sheraton Revival cabinet

Right side with drinks cabinet

Far right side with valve radio

My chair!

Now the hunt is on for an art piece or mirror. The fireplace is actually quite high, which makes it hard for 'small' art to go there. It's either got to be something huge or alternatively I was thinking maybe an oval mirror. Although there are limited opportunities for art in this place, so I am loathe to give up a prime spot!

Am also after a new shade for the crystal lamp on the drinks cabinet, a couple of silver/blue oversized velvet lumber cushions for the wingbacks, some ice blue trellis cushions for the couch, several textured throws and a rug. So the work in here is far from done!

Also wanting 'something' for the Sheraton cabinet. Either a pot or vase or something to sit in the middle of it. The cabinet can look rather fussy, so it needs something clean to tone it down a bit. Here's hoping I will know what it is when I see it...

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Time to paint!

I have been thinking about painting the front room for a while. Now I have the major furnishings in, I've been able to think about what it needs to finish it up. And the answer was colour!

 Front room - waiting for an injection of colour!

Initially I had thought to paper either side of the chimney breast and then paint the breast a darker colour (but leave the other walls their existing colour) but have now decided to give a darker scheme a go. If it needs it, I will look at papering beside the chimney breast later.

Have chosen a warm taupe/beige sort of colour. Augustus by Taubmans. Brought a sample pot home only to discover they'd given me a Dulux colour called Augustus (which is a green!)  Lucky Sean noticed BEFORE he put it on the wall! So he's headed down to Bunnings to exchange for the correct colour and hopefully we'll get a few samples up on to the wall and dry today so I can consider the colour!

Taubmans 'Augustus' - sample image

Friday, 3 January 2014

Weird Science!

So boys' room decor is hard, for me. It's hard to come up with a theme which grows and does not limit a dude to a narrow 2 year time period. It's much easier to find a more versatile / extendable theme for girls.

However recently the perfect (to me) idea presented itself. Of all his interests (dinosaurs, planets, experiments etc.) all have been scientific in nature. So a science theme seemed a natural extension :)

I put together a mood board, and of course the desk I had my eye on was expensive. Not too bad - but more than I had hoped to spend. And then the perfect option made itself apparent on EBAY. It had 8 days to go, but a quick message and we agreed on a 'buy it now' price. Better still, they were able to deliver this afternoon!

So without further adieu here is Oscar's 'science desk'. Complete with equations and graffiti scratched in!

In his room waiting for the rest of the decor to arrive.

Pitted, scratched and oh so worn. PERFECT!!!

Am going for a teal, orange and grey theme. Little touches of navy, too. Am really excited as I can SEE it all coming together.

Is going to take a while to gather everything. I've found the quilt cover already, so now need to focus on all the other (many) little pieces to make this come together.

So far, so good, though!

Teal, grey, orange and navy scheme :)

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

The pot made it...

As per the title, the pot made it - and the stool didn't. I was actually a little uncertain on the colour - but the shattered bits proved it would have been perfect! No thinking about that (am still a bit pissed off!). On the plus side, it was an awesome surprise for my mother-in-law. I dropped the pot off at her home (in the spot she'd mentally planned it for). She came in very late from work that night and did not immediately notice it. But after a few minutes she spotted it and was apparently just thrilled. So it was worth it :)

In other news, it's New Years day today, and I am making my resolutions :) There are a whole heap, but one is to really get going with the house. I have been slowly making a move with things, but slowly is the operative word :( In 2014 I want to do more with the house and the garden.

The last 3 years have been hectic. REALLY hectic. This year Oscar is off to school, and Adelaide to kinder, and so I want to take the chance to really settle into this space. I want to sort. And clean. And organise. And decorate! I also want/need to clean a bit more. We've literally had something on every day for the last 3 or 4 weeks, so I am setting some time aside in early January to do my (belated) Spring clean.

The garden is starting to come together a bit. The gardenias are starting to bloom which pleases me no end :) Will try to get a photo of them this week. We'll see how I go - that garden bed needs weeding, so I'll need to do that first!

In upcoming plans, I am looking to work on two rooms - Oscar's bedroom and the sitting room. Both will require painting, and so I am starting to butter Sean up :P Will be back soon with moodboards for each.

Happy New Years loyal readers. Hoping 2014 is a good year for all :)