Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Coffee Table

So if I am getting a new rug and new stools to match my new table and chairs and office chair, then I figure I need a new coffee table, too ;)

I wanted something 'interesting' but simple visually - and possibly oak. And then I found this:
I really like :D Better still it's on special for the next couple of weeks. Will see how it looks in place - but I was thinking I might need the matching occasional tables, too ;)
I think it is just the right amount of casual - not too much not too little.

Anyway. Now to talk Sean into it. Actually - I might just order them and surprise him when they show up!

Sunday, 28 October 2012


So as I have mentioned several times - the family room really needs a rug. It's so echoey without one. And it's stalling decorating that area.

Now finding a rug big enough, and in a pattern or style I like, has proven difficult. So I decided to look into having a piece of carpet edged into a rug.

I wanted something textured, hard wearing and something with a bit of visual interest. So I popped down to my local carpet shop and had a chat. And they suggested this:

 Sample of the carpet I am considering
for the family room

It is graded for commercial use - so it should wear well. The colours look good with the existing furniture. It should cope with pug fur quite well, too.

Am going to think about it overnight - but I think this might well be the one. Thoughts??

Garden Update

I realised that I have not posted a pic of the front of the house since the tape for the lawn has come down. So accordingly here are some shots I took this morning.

The grass has had its second mow and is looking good, the plants are all coming along nicely, and other than the side gates needing a paint, and the flyscreens too, we're now pretty much finished with the front of the house.

And I am pleased!

I wanted a house which sat well within its environment. And maybe I am kidding myself - but I think it does.

My lovely oak all green and fresh out the front

Front from another angle

Left hand garden bed

Gardenia hedge on the right

Looking up the street - the sea
of green now the oaks have leaves

A little bit of garden art Oscar
found and loved at Bunnings

Inside there is still so much which needs to be done. Some of it is in hand, though, like more curtains and shutters. I really really need to get on with buying a rug for the back room. I have been putting it off - but I might pop out to some rug shops today and see if anything appeals.

A name. ANY name!

So we bought a brass bell (for the front door). But it looked weird hung next to the chrome front door handle. There was a chrome version - but I am not sure that will work either. So for now I will return it to Bunnings ;)

To be honest - I think it will all depend on the house name plaque. Which I have been thinking about.

But the name. WHICH name????

Well we have decided. Hopefully not pretentious. Hopefully indicative of the area. Hopefully US.

I'll give you a clue. It's NOT Parkview ;) But beyond that? Well. Wait and see :P

Wednesday, 24 October 2012


A small job - but it makes the front area look a lot nicer (and brighter) than the bluetacked butchers paper :P

Two frosted sidelights.
A modest household now!

Feeling Productive!

Two posts in one day! But I am feeling productive.

Have booked the window tinters in to apply film to the front sidelights - because the butchers paper on the sidelights is looking pretty sad! Best thing is they can come TODAY. YEAH! Sean won't know what's hit him when he comes home and sees it all done.

Also about to approve the quote to add doors to the open shelves in the laundry and to have a lock added to one of the cupboards.

I think I *might* even tackle the WIR today and try to finish that off, too.

Another project I am eager to tackle is the deeds to the house. Let me explain :)

As the first sale of the house/lot since certificates of title went electronic, we got the decommissioned original paper deed in amongst our settlement documents. It's slightly larger than A3, has been removed from the original paper ledger, and has the subdivision measurements etc. and original owner's details on the front. And on the back it has the details of every owner (and mortgage :P) since the lot was created and the original house built.

Of course now it's just a curio as it holds no legal value. But it's part of the 'history' of our home - and so I am going to have it framed and hung in the entryway.

Because it has information on the front and back, I was thinking to have a double sided frame made for it. Am not sure whether these even exist - but am sure where there's a will there's a way :)

Study Chair

Now I know I promised the next post would be about the shed. But to be honest I am a lot more excited about my new chair!

At the moment I am using one of the kitchen chairs at my study nook. It does the job - but I did have something a bit prettier in mind. Have been looking for ages, and really liked the look of something on EBAY. But it's in Sydney. Shipping was going to cost another $100 which really was not worth it.

Noticed the same seller was selling the stools I liked (and which I finally found for the same price in Melbourne). So on the off chance they came from the same supplier, I emailed the Melbourne store where I bought the stools - and yes they can get the same chair in for me!

I think it is going to be just the thing for my study nook (which I am still tidying to photograph, April :P). Better still, the chair is going to be in on Saturday's truck!

Happy to have one more piece of the decorating puzzle in place. We're starting to get into the 'silly season' of birthdays and pre-XMAS entertaining - so I suspect decor may take a back seat for a while.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

First Haircut

So yesterday saw the front lawn have its first haircut.

It was probably a week overdue - and really needed to be done as it was wet near the roots even after a scalding day. So it had to be cut back to allow more light near the roots and to let it breathe.

The first mow

It was getting a little long

The front done

And the back mowed and about to be edged

Left today is to install the can crusher next to the recycling bin. And possibly install the clothes line.  Also the final parts on the longest project so far - the shed.  The shed has been such a drama I think it deserves a post all of its own. So stay tuned ;)

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Still a lot to do!

I know I have not been posting much - but there's not been a lot to report!

I am still not 100% unpacked, and there's still a 'to-do' list a mile long.

I have ordered curtains for the sitting room. After a lot of umming and ahhing I am having the same as in the bedroom. We can't have a sheet up forever - and I like the bedroom drapes. And they're neutral enough that I can decorate around them.

Am also going to put a service central job up for painting today or tomorrow - so that should move things along there.

Mostly I just need to pull my finger out and finish unpacking the WIR and sorting through my files. Boring but necessary.

The garden is coming along nicely. The grass is desperately needing its first trim. Hopefully over the weekend. Will post pics then.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Still to do

So we've been powering along with getting things settled - but there's still a lot to do. Little things - but the devil is always in the detail...

So this is basically a to do post:
  • Paint side gates (Monument - to match front door and faschia)
  • Paint timber flyscreens (Dune - to match windowframes)
  • Assemble shed
  • Choose something for the living room curtains
  • Organise frosting of sidelights on front door
  • Arrange doors for the laundry shelving area
  • Get a rug for the living room
  • Get a direction for the sitting room!!!
Plenty for me to be getting along with ;)

I'd really like to start properly styling up the kids and spare room - but they're low priority just now.  But I'm starting to think about it... :P