Sunday, 3 January 2016

Why I can't be trusted at a Market!

We went to the Mornington Craft Markets  yesterday as something to do with the kids. As well as attempting to eat our own body-weights in berries (there is an awesome berry stall there) we also came across these darling prints from Winter Avenue Press. I was chatting to Sally, the artist, while Adelaide was swooning over her many gorgeous animal drawings - and in particular the bunnies.

So I placed an order for two in A3 size. They will be just the thing for Adelaide's 'big school-girl' room mini-update. They'll be arriving sometime early February, so I need to get the rest of the room upgrade sorted by then. I plan to mount them in over-sized white frames with a large matte over her bookcase.

Two limited edition bunny prints for my little bunny

Of course, that wasn't my only find. Some time ago we bought a firepit/box for the back paved area. It wasn't really what either of us was 100% after, but we like to have a fire there when we entertain and we figured it was cheap enough to use until we found something we really liked. Which happened yesterday.

A metal worker had the most amazing sculptural firepit on display. It is HUGE but rather than an uninspiring open tray, it looks like a sculpture. I can really see it working on our back paved area.

It is not inexpensive, so some saving will be required, but I can see it looking awesome out there and providing a huge amount of heat in winter. I think it will also add visual interest when inside the house looking out to the paved area.

Firepit on display at the market

A custom order firepit by the same artist

A VERY old photo of the area where I see the
sculpture/firepit going.The garden is established now!

Am currently talking price, timelines etc. with the designer. I am not sure whether to commission a new piece or whether to purchase the display piece (assuming he is willing to sell that one).  He is going to take measurements to see if it will fit through the front door so that might influence my decision!