Wednesday, 20 March 2013


So for a while I've thought we need to do more for the front of the house. From the outside. We removed a couple of dead plants which did not take and that has improved the look considerably (waiting for winter to replace with some bare-rooted stock) and I am determined that this weekend I will add the planter pots beside the front door!

Something I have been considering for a while is a seat underneath the master bedroom window. I wanted a bench seat, so the back would not sit up over the window ledge. And because I don't like the idea of a sore arse ideally wanted something padded. But nothing seemed right. Well not until now.

Inspired to look again by the rain this afternoon, and thinking how nice it would be to sit at the front and enjoy watching it, I exercised my google powers. I found this and thought it might be just the thing. Nice and long, and the seat cover appears to match in nicely with the tones on the gable at the front. At under $200 I think it's also reasonable value.
I have not yet measured to make sure it is long and low enough - but will do so tonight, and if it checks out it will be a quick and simple addition to the house.

Now to research plants for either side of the front door. It is under the porch, so will not get a huge amount of light. Ideally I want something green, leafy, not too 'structured' and tolerant of drought - as I am not certain to remember to water it regularly :P Hit me with your ideas!

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Hats off

My poor neglected blog! While a lot has been going on, not a lot of it has been house related. So with a long weekend, and the kids learning centre being open on the Monday, Sean and I took the opportunity of being home alone to cull some toys and do some projects around the house.

The main one today has been installing these cute Boon hooks in the kids' wardrobes.

Both the kids have numerous hats so it's convenient to have a spot to store them all in one spot.

We also put up the kids' height measuring scale and I'm now pricing full length mirrors to hang inside their cupboard doors. Little things but it all adds up and makes the house feel more like a home.