Saturday, 21 November 2015


My front garden beds are partially shaded by the oak, and it also takes a lot of water from the beds, so it's hard to know what to put there. My New Zealand Rock Lillies thrive there, so I thought I might try a white Saxifraga for a little infill.

My hydrangea, which I had worried might not make it, is now doing wonderfully well beside the path near the side gate and is starting to bloom. Obviously it's in a good spot for it - so I have bought another to put in beside it. I am so excited that it's doing well - it's a plant I just adore and I know that once they're established they're very hardy. It's also something I had no chance of growing when I was in QLD.
We're off to the National Rhododendron gardens today. Apparently they are magnificent at this time of year. I must admit I am a little excited at getting a glimpse at some of the 15000+ Azaleas there - they're another favourite of mine!

Friday, 13 November 2015

It's been a while

The last month has been fiendishly busy. With my baby getting ready to start school next year, I've been slowly de-cluttering toys and clothes from her room and replacing them with school uniforms and school supplies. I suppose sometime soon I'll need to think about a desk.

Of course - the real de-cluttering will happen next year when I have the house to myself. I want to do a really thorough room-by-room clean out. I will still be working, of course, but I'm making a list of house things I want to achieve once I have some uninterrupted time to get them done. And a good spring clean is at the top of that list!

My garden needs weeding again - but it's looking glorious. Always does this time of year. In fact we have a morning of gardening planned today. Gypsum, fertilizing, weeding etc. Also have some new plants to put in.