Saturday, 15 March 2014

Unexpected finds

After swimming lessons, and before a lunch for mother-in-law's birthday, we had half an hour to kill 20 minutes away from home. So we stopped by the local KMART to see whether or not they had a V-slicer (to easily julienne carrots). They didn't have anything which suited, but they had a few other bits and bobs which I have been on the lookout for.

Firstly some bright, cheap and cheerful outdoor cushions. I wanted some colour to make outdoor pop - and I was adverse to spending $30+ per cushion for the pugs to put their arses on! So when I found these for $5 and $10 each (including the insert) I thought I was not going to be able to do much better than that! Amazing how much nicer it makes the outdoor area look. Am almost inspired to sweep out there!

A bit of colour for outside

My next cheap and cheerful find was a glass cloche. I have had my eye on these for a while - but at $40 or $50 each I'd not found enough inspiration to put my hand into my pocket! So when I found them for $7 each, I was quick to snap up a couple! Am thinking I'll put one in the sitting room filled with some decor items - and I might put the other in Oscar's science room. No matter where they end up they'll look good - and I am so pleased I found what I was after at such a reasonable price.

Glass cloche

My final find was designed to be used as a photo holder - but I immediately saw its potential as a little girl's hair clip holder! Adelaide has far too many hair clips and I've never really liked the canvas hair clip frames everyone else seems to have. So I thought this would be just the ticket to keep them organised and looking sweet on the inside of her cupboard door. And for $5 it hardly broke the bank. Adelaide is really impressed with the new addition to her room - and I'm thrilled she no longer has a drawer filled with hair clips!

$5 hair clip holder

So  nothing hugely exciting, but a few bits and bobs to make the house look a little more tidy and finished. Can't wait to get the cloche in situ. Watch this space!

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Our Daily Bread

So my latest interest is baking. I never thought it was worthwhile baking my own bread. Bread is so cheap to buy and, well, I do have a life! However after getting Thelma, and reading all the other thermie owners going on about their bread, I decided to give it a go.

I started with scrolls which were quite nice but a little dense. But then I tried another recipe which was much better. Moister and more fluffy. Since my initial try I have made it 3 or 4 times - and am now trying varieties. Today I had a go at Olive and Seed bread, and it was delicious! I think I might try scrolls, again, using this new dough recipe. In any case, I'm now getting in to baking bread. It's quick, easy, cheap and we all love it!

A white loaf and my Olive and Seed creation

My other creation has been jam. There is a quick and easy strawberry jam recipe which I also made today. Jam is usually such a sticky and annoying thing to make - but not anymore. This was so easy and delicious and I plan to try it with other fruit.

It's really interesting the way Thelma has changed the way I cook. We're certainly eating a larger variety of foods and flavours than ever before - and much less in the way of preservatives. And it's really enjoyable to be making things I'd not usually bother cooking.

Friday, 7 March 2014


So it's a long weekend, and I've got a list (a long one!) of the little things I want to achieve around the house. One of which I have been meaning to do for ages - hanging up my junk jewellery.

If I don't hang it up, my necklaces end up getting tangled in the bottom of a drawer and not worn. It seems such a waste, and is also a pain to untangle, so I thought I'd sort it out once and for all with the installation of a rack for them.

Two stick on hooks, a rod, and an obliging wall in our WIR and finally my junk jewellery has a place to call home. I've started loading it up but now have to untangle the rest to put it all in place!

Hanging rail for junk jewellery

There's a heap of other things to do in the next few days - like hanging some art, weeding some garden beds, sorting more clothes for charity and cleaning out my desk drawers. Probably none of which are worthy of a post. But I'm pleased this is done and we've made one more step forward.

Thursday, 6 March 2014


First bread experiment with Thelma today! Ham and cheese scrolls. Seriously it beggars belief how quick and easy these were to make. I did them plain, but next time will add a little home made mayo and chutney to jazz them up further and make them a little more moist.

Best of all - they got the kiddie stamp of approval and were less than 1/3 the cost of similar scrolls store bought (and that's without factoring in I also made 3 times as many)!

Ham and Cheese Scrolls - made in minutes with Thelma

Saturday, 1 March 2014


Yesterday I had some girlfriends over for wine and chit chat. So rather than buying dip, I made a delicious smoked salmon dip from scratch.

Smoked salmon, light cream cheese, a little fresh dill, some tarragon, a teeny bit of white wine vinegar and a few capers - 5 seconds in Thelma and a delicious dip was ready for the table!

Special mention needs to go here to Sean's lovely herb garden for providing the fresh tasty herbs. Dip was a hit! Next I am going to try home-making some crackers to go with it.

Smoked salmon, dill, tarragon,
white wine vinegar and caper dip.
Was delicious!

Have been busy around Parkview doing little bits and pieces. A new shadow box in Adelaide's room. A new vase in the sitting room. A runner for the kitchen table.

I'll do a post in the next day or two with all the little bits and bobs.