Friday, 24 May 2013

Floral Art

I love nature inside. Shame I have no talent when it comes to gardening!

As such, I suspect indoor gardening is going to be well beyond me. Particularly in lower light situations like bathrooms.

So when I saw these artificial plant creations, I decided I'd give them a go.

I am tentatively planning the low vase for in the master bedroom and the more upright arrangement for the ensuite. However if it doesn't suit then I will move them around until I find the right spot.

I still plan to have some indoor plants (real ones I mean). But this should be a nice start for the more troublesome areas.

Thursday, 16 May 2013


So my Schumacher cushions have arrived. And I LOVE them! Perfect range of tones for the front room :)

Can't wait to get some lovely soft inserts tomorrow and to start looking for complementary fabrics for other soft furnishings for the room.

Am now quite excited about styling the room up! Hardest is going to be finding the right artwork. I know what I want and am hopeful I will know it when I see it. Fingers crossed! In the meantime, I have a coffee table and a set of Edwardian Spadeback chairs to dispose of - and a couple of wingbacks to find.

Monday, 13 May 2013


So for a while I have been after a glass drink dispenser. I have seen a few online, but none which really spoke to me. Especially for $90+ delivered.

So when I saw this at Costco for $30 it was just the thing. Funny thing is Sean spotted it first and (without knowing I have been after one) pointed it out to me. So it was definitely coming home!

I really like it. Plain enough (I don't like too much tizz) but also a decent size (9 litres).

So now I need to plan a big get together so I can get some use out of it! I think first off I might try home made lemonade. With mint and lemon wedges.

Saturday, 11 May 2013


So I am coveting a tray. For the front room. To go on the sheraton revival cabinet. And this is what I have in mind.

Of course, the chances of it miraculously appearing for mothers' day tomorrow is negligible - but a girl can dream, right??

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

It's here!

So - after much patient waiting yesterday my new couch arrived! Lucky it was first thing in the morning, as I might not have made it through to the afternoon otherwise.

It is not so wide and slightly taller than I imagined. Both of which please me so that is fine. The taupe has a slight green to it - which is also fine. While it doesn't have the warmth of my curtains, by the time I colour layer the room that won't be an issue.

I have been tossing up which colours to use the in the front room. I want calm, classy, elegant, textured/layered. Was lucky enough to come across a restful scheme which I think will suit the room perfectly. Hope so - as I have just ordered two large cushions in Schumacher's "Hot House Flowers" in mineral (the large floral print at the back).

If I can convince long-suffering Sean, I am planning a warm colour (or wallpaper???) on the chimney breast, and will introduce the other textures and patterns via the other chairs and soft furnishings in the room.

So now the hunt for the perfect occasional chairs to match. However I might delay that search until my Schumacher cushions arrive!

Monday, 6 May 2013


So having bought my linen chesterfield, of course now I am eagerly waiting for it to arrive! I know it was collected yesterday morning in Adelaide, so possibly this afternoon some time although in truth more likely tomorrow. Today would be nice, though!

I am still having trouble trying to find the right wingbacks to match it, but I've pushed that to the back burner until the chesterfield arrives.

In other front room news my gas fire is on the blink. Not impressed - first cold snap, really, since it was installed - go to use it and nothing! Have been in touch with the distributor and it is going to be checked and fixed under warranty. Here's hoping it's a relatively simple job and not one which requires removal of the entire unit.

Am also looking around for a leaning mirror. I've long thought one would look great in the entryway, although I am sure it will be a magnet for sticky children's fingers. Something like this appeals.

So now the hunt for what I am after. Oh how I wish we had more selection in Australia.