Friday, 22 February 2013

Linen Loving

I knew the jig was up when Sean spotted the oversized Target bag. While I did not confirm it (using a suitably vague answer when he asked) yes - I had been linen shopping AGAIN.

I can't help it. It is a sick addiction! Something about fresh new linen in a room soothes me. Besides I think our other doona cover is more of a spring look whereas this new one works better in summer. Work with me here, OK? I need to sell this to Sean :P

I have learned my lesson in the past - buying new covers has necessitated new valance, new fitted sheets and new secondary pillow covers, too. So I was keen to ensure any new doona cover works with all of those, and this one does!

They say a change is as good as a holiday. Well I am quite pleased with the new spread. And since it was on special, I actually SAVED money if you think about it ;)

 New bedspread in the Master.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Outdoor Setting

So I love the outdoor setting. But I already appreciate a black cushion might have been a misguided idea. EEEEEEP! Dog hair!!!!

But once the deck is oiled (next weekend's task - sorry Donna :P) and some cushions are on I think it will work well.

That and any pug seen even looking at that couch dies :P

The right half of the outdoor deck

Here you can see just how much the deck needs
to be cleaned and oiled. That's next weekend.

The Title

As the first person to buy Parkview since property titles went electronic, with settlement we got the decommissioned paper title along with the settlement documents.

It's no longer a legal document (it's clearly stamped "Destroyed - Can not be used for any legal purpose" but it seemed a shame to hide it away in a box somewhere and so we decided to frame it!

The front has the original subdivision and owners details - and on the back are details of every mortgage held against the property - including that of the man whose estate we bought Parkview from.

We've hung it near the front door - directly opposite the sitting room / beside the doors to our bedroom. I think it looks very well there as a discrete nod to the past and recognition that Parkview has a history that started long before us.

The old paper title deed to Parkview
(blurred 'cos it's the Internet and I don't
want everyone to know exactly where we live!)

Monday, 4 February 2013

It's nice to be SERIOUSLY Well Hung!

So after my lovely mate Donna suggested perhaps storage is of interest to some homemakers, I thought I'd update on the latest storage solutions going in at Parkview.

Tonight Sean finished hanging the baskets around the house (and I finally finished filling them!).

There were already two inside the pantry doors. Tonight we added another and filled all three. Top with food colourings, kids' finger paints and other things I don't want the little ones getting at! Middle one my most commonly used cooking oils. Bottom one the kids' multivites and sunscreen. E.g. things I need and use every day (and which hold little or no interest to the little ones).

We also added 2 small baskets on the inside of the ensuite cabinet doors. Heaps easier to open the doors and grab those every day items rather than opening the doors and then bending to find what you want - and it also means no marks where they sit on my bathroom cabinet shelves ;)

The final small basket we added to the inside of the linen cupboard door - just above the vacuum cord hanger. Perfect spot for vacuum cleaner attachments!

I can't speak highly enough about baskets hung on the inside of cupboard doors. Largely a wasted space, it's so convenient to hang baskets and store things in easy reach.

We tend to use kitchen cooking gloves a bit when preparing food - and buy gloves in boxes by the hundred. So next up we'll be getting something like this to mount the gloves inside the pantry door, too.

Like I said. It's nice to be well hung!

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Another Job Done

One of Adelaide's Christmas presents was this cute origami artwork from Short Story. With her Japanese dolls and butterfly themed room, it just seemed perfect!

However the frame itself was difficult to hang - especially if you wanted to use removable wall hangers rather than just a nail in the wall. So today Sean drilled into the back of the frame and added a hanging wire. It looks just lovely in the space, and has brightened her still rather plain bedroom.

It's nice to see her room slowly come together. It's a big space, so in time I plan to add a toybox and maybe even a little play table and chairs.

Then I need to start thinking about Oscar's room. He did have a space theme at the old house, but he's developing different interests, now. For the time being I am keeping it fairly neutral but I am slowly gathering ideas for a bigger boy room.

Friday, 1 February 2013

The Deck

When I was designing Parkview, one area I had high hopes for was the deck. But since we've been in it's become a dumping ground for bikes, outdoor toys, and clotheshorses. Hardly a welcoming relaxing space and since you can see it from the hall and back parts of the house when it's messy the whole place looks messy.

But, my friends, that is all about to change thanks to a chance visit to an outdoor furniture retailer today!

We were only cutting through to go to the BBQ store, when we spotted a nice outdoor couch. It was LARGE (a very generous 3 seater). And then the salesperson explained it actually flattens out into a double bed sized daybed.

Of course - it's a large deck so needs a bit to fill it. Hence we've ordered two daybeds - to arrive next Saturday

Am seriously considering mounting the spare TV out there, too, so we can lounge around outside and use it much more as a living space. It's really a great spot with plumbed gas, powered and even data/phone points.

We've also ordered the matching coffee table but it's on backorder. Still - for now deciding on cushions to decorate the daybeds will keep me busy ;(

I should add that one of the things which 'sold' me on the daybeds is that Sean very decidedly wanted them. Usually he'll leave the decor selections pretty much to me. But these ones he was actively promoting. And since he really asks for so little, how could I say no to something he did want? Especially since the daybed is so comfy ;)