Monday, 30 July 2012


Arrived on site this morning to find the concreters there waiting for the concrete. Stuck around for nearly an hour and was finally rewarded!!!

The truck arriving

Getting ready to unload

First batch out!!

I know it looks grey - but I've been assured it's the
"Outback" aggregate we requested.

Looking so so good!!!!

So tomorrow the floor sanders are back to do the final floor coat, and then Monday or Tuesday next week it's walk-through time and then the very last bits and bobs get done. While I have been saying 'a fornight' for MONTHS, it might finally be a fortnight - or something approaching it!

Sunday, 29 July 2012


Well after being told Wednesday last week, then possibly Sunday, I got a phonecall to say that concreting is happening tomorrow from 8am. We've been waiting so long that I will believe it when I actually see it!!! However - I've arranged to be on site as soon as I've dropped the kids off to daycare.

The painters were on site today starting touch-ups, but they were not going to stay long. With the last coat of the floors apparently being done on Wednesday, they said they'll need to come back after then, as all the skirtings are being repainted after the boards get their final coat.

So still no exact idea of handover. But I know they were aiming for us to have keys by 11 August. We'll see!!

In the meantime, my garage is becoming applicance central. I have our new oven and dishwasher in there - plus I have a new TV and the gas fireplace paid for and waiting at their respective suppliers to be installed after handover.

Have been toying with the idea of a new fridge, too. Not that there's anything wrong with our current fridge. But it won't fit as nicely into the new kitchen as something more like this.

I think I'll wait until the fridge actually needs replacing, though. It seems silly beyond belief to replace a perfectly good fridge for aesthetic purposes!

And then the fun really begins. Decorating! We basically need new furniture for every room. Am going to do it room at a time, I think.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Oven part two and spotting

So yesterday I was expecting the concreters but have been told probably Sunday, now. That works - would rather be on site for it.

However the day was not a waste - I got to go around the house 'spotting' defects. I used a whole roll of spots!!!! To be fair 99% of them are painting touch-ups required after the other trades have been through and scuffed surfaces. Everything else, pretty much, has been picked up and rectified on the way through.

I also, today, bought our new oven. Much excitement! I ended up going with the Electrolux EPEE63CS as previously discussed. It rates well, looks good, is less than I anticipated paying and has all the features I'd like. The only thing is that it's quite popular so is on back order in many stores.

Was going to search around online, but thought I'd check with our local Harvey Norman. Well they had 2 in stock, offered a very competitive price (including delivery) and will have it here on Saturday for me. Too easy!

So now it's time to start thinking of all the things to organise between getting keys and moving in. The list seems immense, but hopefully much of it can be taken care of by a builder friend. We need to:
  • Landscape - the dogs can't move homes until the yard is not a mud pit
  • Fence - again for the dogs
  • Doggie door (can you see a recurring theme here???)
  • Clean and seal the side deck
  • Have the kids' blinds installed and finalise curtain orders for the other critical areas
  • Do one HELL of a clean! 
Even though the house has had it's first clean it's hardly been 'detailed'. There's still dust here and there (especially on the walls - just needs a good going over with a feather duster) and all the door handles need a thorough wipe down etc.

There are other, less pressing, bits and pieces I need to organise too - like having the new TV installed (and the plasma in our room) and getting the gas fireplace put in. It's going to be a long process, I think!

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Termite Protection and Building Inspection

So a couple of days ago I spun past the site and saw the termite protection being done. So that's another thing ticked off!

Termite protection going in

And today the finisher was there sorting out bits and pieces ahead of the painters coming back. Specifically my robe heights have been moved up - something which pleases me! Also little other bits and bobs such as the cap on my study nook cable run spot etc.

Apparently the building inspector for occupancy certificate was there today, too. All is good to go other than 3 very minor issues:
  • First is that the step down from the laundry door to outside was too big. We will be addressing this when we landscape, but they've added a 'dirt step' there for handover
  • Second was that the front elevation does not comply with the submitted plans (render to piers) but provided I write a letter stating I do not want the render anymore then that will be passed
  • Third is that one of the windows is missing the etching in the corner which declares it to be safety glass. while it obviously is, to be passed officially there needs to be a letter from the window supplier confirming it
Robe height adjusted up

Front cupboard changed from coat
cupboard to school bags etc. cupboard

Cap in for the cables in my study nook

Not our actual mixer.
We're getting a smaller one (which I will
probably replace).

View out the back now the dirt is gone!

And in the other direction.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Formwork for Concreting

The formwork for the concreting was done today. Concrete is going to be laid in two parts - first the driveway and porch - and after handover the side path and (if I get these guys to do it) the crossover.

I really struggled with the concrete colour and design. Not having a garage, being able to park two cars off street and be able to back each one out independently was really important!

Anyway - the design we've come up with is looking good. I need to speak to them about a miniscule kink on the left hand side - but other than that we're good to go!

Also had a change in the colour. I was quoted on 'Galaxy' which the concreter assured me was the right match for our house (they were going to add 50% black stone). But I was never 100% convinced. I didn't want to go too dark.

So after chatting with the guys there today, I have changed to 'Outback'. I think the reds/browns/greys/sand colours will complement the shades of the house better. Thoughts?

Was going to go 'Galaxy' with 50% black stones.

Now planning to go 'Outback' instead.

Just waiting on the final cost variations to sign off on - and hopefully at the end of the week they'll pour!

Thursday, 12 July 2012

The moving of the mountain!

On my morning drivepast today I was stunned to see this down the side of my house!

For those of you who have been following the drama of the pile of dirt out the back, I am pleased to report that today it was moved! Meaning the driveway can now be laid!

And that's not all! Today saw my mirrors siliconed, same with my basins, and various internal touch ups. Also the robe heights are being adjusted (made higher) so the contractor was there to do that, too.

So after what seems like weeks of nothing suddenly there's action at the site and it's full steam ahead :)

Wednesday, 11 July 2012


So after what seems like months of stuffing around with this, today I saw my kitchen splashback. And I LOVE it! I had to do a last moment colour change (a slightly different shade as the manufacturer used Dulux not Taubmans paints) but I am stocked with the outcome!

With overbench and under cupboard lights on

Same from different angle

Without overbench and under cupboard lights on 

Same from different angle

What I am not loving is they stuffed up my laundry splashback. It is the same colour as the kitchen one, and is meant to run the full wall of the laundry - so it matches in with the kitchen. It's that way on the plans. I have discussed the issue with Andrew. I told their sales rep when he had two different meetings (because of the stuff up with my robes). And I emailed clarification and detailed elevations to the sales rep.

And this is what's been installed. I am not happy and will insist it is replaced.

The laundry splashback. The glass was meant to
continue over the top of the washing machine spot.

I have been told maybe concreting next week. But I have been told that so many times I am not holding my breath. Apparently splashbacks take 3 weeks from time of order. What's the betting the laundry stuff-up causes even more delay???

Wednesday, 4 July 2012


So there's still little progress...

Last week I had to change splashback colours as the company making it could not use a Taubmans colour. So I had to pick a Dulux one.

Happily a friend has a similar coloured splashback in her home - so it's easy to visualise how a deep colour will look. The colour I thought I would go with ended up being a little too red/brown - and when I got in to the house to compare it with the tiles etc. I ended up going with a slightly greener/brown colour 'Ceylonese'. It should look good :)  Andrew our site supervisor says it can take up to 3 weeks for the splashback once the order is confirmed. But I suspect our glass might already be cut and that they were waiting on the new colour to coat it. At least I HOPE so!

So now I am thinking ovens.

As part of the build I am getting a cheapy Technika. Which was fine, really. The plan was to use it until I had time to do my research as to what I really wanted and replace it in a year or two.

However - the oven in our current home has died - and I need to replace it before we rent out this place. Suddenly the idea presented itself to have the Technika installed here, and to purchase a better oven for the new home. I chatted to the builder - and they confirmed that provided it was brand new/under warranty/still in its box, the same size, and needed the same amount of power they were happy to install it in lieu of the Technika - and they're going to quote me on installing the Technika at our current house.

So. What to choose?

My girlfriend Donna is a whizz at all things home research based. She puts in all the hours and reads all the articles I just never seem to get around to! So I was chuffed when she talked me through the pros and cons of ovens. I want something nice, but I don't want to spend a fortune. It needs to be 60cm wall based. And I'd really like self cleaning/pyrolytic.

So after taking on board her comments, and then going out and having a good look at what was on offer, I have pretty much decided on an Electrolux. Specifically the EPEE63CS.

I can get it for under $2,000. It has a slightly larger capacity than others in the same class. Generally it reviews well. And it's pyrolytic!  Also, importantly for me, it also has dual movable telescopic rails. I think I swooned a little when I saw that :P

I like the look of it, too :)  Nice and clean looking!

So now I just need to double check the dimensions are right and I'll order it!