Monday, 24 November 2014


So I've never had an XMAS wreath. Firstly I lived on a main road and it would have been nicked. Then I had a glass front door (and was too lazy to get a suction cup). But this year I am determined!

Of course, ideally I'd buy it in the post Christmas sales. But I am planning to get one before then so it's all ready for light up night. After looking around for ages, I have about 80% settled on this one.

Finally getting a wreath this year

Light up night is one of the many social traditions in our street. And we have many! We have an annual progressive street dinner, jazz evenings in the park 3 or 4 times over summer, an annual easter egg hunt and sausage sizzle, Halloween and of course the annual Christmas light up night.

It's a gorgeous event! The idea is each year you decorate the outside of your home for Christmas. On a set night in early December the entire street comes together to sing carols etc. and at 8pm we all 'light up' (switch on our Christmas lights). Everyone then wanders up and down the street and chats / has a glass of wine and admires one another's lights. Many neighbours drag their BBQs out onto their driveways and cook kebabs/nibbles to be shared. It's just an awesome night!

We learned early on that each year one's display is meant to grow. So each year we add something to our lights. Last year we even had powerpoints added under our eaves to enable our growing display.

If you look at last year's Christmas lights post you'll see our display, so far, is pretty meagre. Fairy lights along the front porch, stars in the front windows, and 3 lit gift boxes in the front garden. This year I thought we might step it up a bit by adding a Christmas tree in the front for the illuminated gifts to sit beneath.

Thursday, 20 November 2014


So the other day I noticed my windows are filthy. Inside and out. So I've booked a window cleaner to come out and give them a thorough clean up tomorrow. I am rather excited - it's going to look so much better!

Other than that it's been a quiet few weeks here. Well not quiet overall (there's been so much going on!) but quiet house wise.

My mother-in-law wants to host Christmas this year - so I have been spared even preparing for that. Of course, I AM planning the Christmas tree and lights for the year. More on that later.

Friday, 7 November 2014


Now the entire garden has been weeded, I have been able to focus on filling in some gaps. Most noticeably one of the hydrangeas which got killed by a pug, and a few liriopes which suffered a similar fate.

Sean has started growing the seeds I bought the other day to make a lovely ground cover for the raised beds at the back, and the irrigation is doing an awesome job of using our tank water to keep everything hydrated and fresh in this hot hot weather.

My magnolias have just started to flower, and are growing ever taller, making the side of the house a pleasant fragrant spot to be.

My inside projects have slowed down for the time being. Still waiting to find the right pieces I need. So in the interim I am continuing to declutter, reduce and recycle. The less 'stuff' I have the better I feel - and so it's no hardship to cull things we no longer require.