Monday, 30 March 2015


So like his parents, Oscar is a prodigious reader. He moved on to chapter books at the school library while still in prep, and now in year one he just devours books. We're lucky that the school library is well stocked and appointed - however we still buy him new books of his own every week or two. We try to focus on classics which he can read and re-read over time. However quite a few boy humour books sneak their way in.

Things came to a head a week or so back when we just could not fit any more books on his shelf. So today we did a cull.

I should point out by cull no books were actually thrown away. Younger sister Adelaide is now happily inheriting a stack of books Oscar has moved beyond. He was quite happy to send them on their way. Here's hoping she is as obliging tomorrow when I sort through her baby books!

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Not really a house thing

Had to share a pic of my latest wheels! Very convenient for whipping over to the shops and riding with the kids to school. Taking a while to get used to riding it - but all good fun :)

New set of wheels

In house news today I am rearranging the living room. I've wanted some more seating out the back for ages, so thought to get a couple of occasional chairs. However I'm unsure on the scale I need. Was chatting with a girlfriend who suggested I get the wingbacks from down the front and try them out the back to get a sense of the space. I think they'll be too big - but it did make me think to try the kid's leather bedroom chairs as they're a little smaller.

If they end up looking good, I might co-opt them for the space and buy the kids something new. If not, at least it should give me an idea of whether 2 occasional chairs will work in the space and what size I need to be looking for. Of course - I might already have my eye on a couple of chairs...

Thinking about two of these for my living room 

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Lazy Sunday

The boys have gone for a ride with Oscar's best mate and his Dad - and the Mum is coming over with their daughter (Adelaide's best friend!) so the girls can play and the Mums can gass bag.

Of course no get together on a Sunday is complete without punch...

The house has fallen into a bit of a state what with everyone being unwell. So it was lovely that Sean spent the morning tidying, vacuuming and cleaning the ensuite. The back of the house still looks feral - but as long as I stay down the front it will be fine.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015


Very quiet here the last month. Hubby and I have had pneumonia, and we're still slowly recovering. Aiding our recovery, though, has been the fresh produce we're growing. No shortage of herbs, cucumbers and tomatoes to use in fresh healthy food. Our first two tomato plants are fruiting, and we've another 4 growing. Lucky I love cooking with tomatoes!

Look at these beauties!

Lots of tomatoes to keep us going

Lots of cooking with tomatoes - like this fresh
basil and tomato pasta with truffle oil

And a delicious risotto full of homegrown flavours

Other than that things have been fairly slow on the home front. We've had a few guests of late, so I need to work on the guest room a bit more. Because it doesn't have the prettiest aspect (I hate bedrooms looking out onto a fence - and since we had to have one I decided the least used could cop it) I have been playing with different ideas to make the fence look better.

A friend has done this on a panel of her fence and it looks amazing. So I am toying with the idea of doing the same outside the spare room window.

Other than that the only other thing I am planning at the moment is a holiday. Trying to decide where and when to go. Not really sure where. Hawaii is sounding appealing, though!