Saturday, 19 September 2015

Wine Table

A friend of mine makes the most stunning furniture from decommisioned wine barrels. She's recently opened her new retail shop in Fitzroy, and yesterday I stopped by to say hello.

I must admit it was not a visit without a degree of premeditation. I have had my eye on this lovely little wine table and wanted to see it in person. And I am so glad I did. Sean and I looked at it and decided it needed to come home with us.

I need to do some work on the living room. It really is the least finished part of the house. So this table is the start of that!

Love at first sight!

Friday, 11 September 2015

Cafe Lighting and Coco Republic Display Home Sales

Did a bit of a road-trip this morning. First to the Cafe Lighting Melbourne showroom sale. There was a lot there, but not all of it suiting my decor. However I picked up a nice mirrored photo frame, so the trip was not a complete waste.

Lots of mirrored decor at Cafe Lighting, but
some nice accessories

After that headed to the Coco Republic Display Home clearance sale in Craigieburn. By the time we got there the large pieces were mostly gone, but there were a lot of accessories and art still available. Nothing right for our place, but good to check out nontheless.

Coco Republic Display Home Clearance

I have started looking out for a new couch for the back of the house. It's the final area to really complete. Several times I've thought I've found just the thing but it's not ended up being right. So the hunt continues... 

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Wah! Don't look don't look!

So I was looking at lighting for a friend and saw this. What a delicious light! While I am perfectly happy with the one in my entry way, I saw this and drooled a little. NO LOOKING AT LIGHTS, Amy! Even nice quatrefoil ones like these.

Why was this not around when I first
looked for a light for my foyer??

Sunday, 6 September 2015


So Sean got to spend fathers day putting up the new mirror. I think I am coming around to leaving it its current colour. In any case, I think for $99 it was a steal and looks awesome in the spot.

Can't believe I finally found what that space needed!

Now to get a new lamp for the room (there's a nice one I have my eye on) and then one room will be complete!

Liking the look of this lamp

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Look what I found!

So I was wandering around online when I spotted this beauty in the back of a photo from a local furniture store. Perfect size and oh what a price! Seriously when does that happen. Ever???

Can't believe I found this!

Jury is out on whether to change its colour. Will get it on the wall tomorrow and leave it there for a week or so while I make up my mind. I think I know the answer - but a week on the wall will decide it absolutely one way or the other!

In the meantime, I am wondering if I can find a spot for this mirror that I also loved... It's a bit too large for anywhere I can think of. But I still love it. Trying to think if any of my mates have the right spot for it, so perhaps I can convince them to buy it and I can just visit it.

Now can I find a spot for this?